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Sour Cream Muffins

“Could we have some more sour cream muffins?” was the most common request in our café. The bread basket offered all of our breads, but these were the clear favorite. These three-ingredient muffins may not sound like much, but they’re so simple, so moist, and so versatile. I prefer to make mine in a mini

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Pull-Apart Milk Bread Wreath

This savory pull-apart bread wreath features the most versatile of doughs, Japanese milk bread—a tender enriched dough that receives a moist boost from tangzhong, or Milk Roux. Packed with dill, butter, and garlic powder, the bread dough is mixed, proofed, shaped, and assembled the day before. The day of, only a final proof and short bake remains!

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Clover Beer Rolls

“We infused this dough with a light amber ale because it offers subtle notes of toasty malt and sweet citrus that balance out the savory Parmesan and roasted garlic. A hoppy beer (like an IPA) would make the bread too bitter. Place three dough balls into a muffin cup to yield a charming clover shape.”

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