Lemon Layer Cake

Few flavors scream summer quite like lemon. Transform a traditional yellow cake and cream cheese icing with lemon, and you have VeryVera’s Lemon Cake, which was our April Cake of the Month. This sweet and tart cake is the perfect accompaniment to your summer spread or a great ending to a heavy meal.

Cream Cheese Braids

This recipe requires plenty of time, including chill time in the refrigerator overnight as well as a second rise of 1 hour before baking so make sure to read through […]

Oatmeal Lace Cookies

This is by far my husband’s favorite cookie. These cookies get their name from their lace-like appearance. The recipe has been adapted through the years and now I’m confident that […]

Chocolate Delight

This recipe was the hottest thing going in the early 1970s and will be an instant favorite at the next family reunion! Be sure to keep the dessert chilled until […]