Hi! My name is Victoria Kirby and I have the pleasure of interning as the Culinary/Special Projects Intern with VeryVera this semester! I came all the way from Auburn, AL, where I am receiving a degree in Hospitality Management from Auburn University. I started my internship with VeryVera because I knew I wanted to get experience in the hospitality 

industry, but not exclusively in a hotel or restaurant. I also love to cook, which really drew me to complete my internship here because of all the exposure to food by way of The VeryVera Show, catering, and special events!

During the past seven weeks, I have been exposed to the many different aspects of the VeryVera brand. During my first week here, I was able to assist with a photo shoot of different recipes that can be found in The VeryVera Cookbook, coming out in April. Who knew there were so many details when it comes to photographing food?

In the following weeks, I got hands-on while assisting with the cooking show and getting in the flow of how that is run every week. I really feel like part of the team now, and I believe an internship with VeryVera is perfect for anyone who wants to get exposed to how a small business is run. If you want to perfect your organizational, personal, and multi-tasking skills, VeryVera is the place to do it. By the end of this internship, I hope to gain experience in every aspect of the VeryVera company and learn how to run a successful small business in the way that Vera does so well!