Olivia Mann is the newest member of the VeryVera team. Her work during the Masters opened the door to a full-time position at our company and she is excited to share her story!

When I look back to see where my relationship with Vera Stewart began, I remember the very first email I sent to Emily Yates, COO of VERA and Creative Director of The VeryVera Show. I was 23 years old and inquiring about a temp position as a server during Masters week in Augusta. I had spoken to a number of people who had worked the event for her in the past and I kept hearing the same phrase, “You’ve got to work for Vera.” These words rattled around in my head until I came to this conclusion: there is something highly valuable in praise given by the people who work for you. After realizing this, I knew I wanted to be involved.

My first phone interview was a short time later, after which I was even more persuaded. I had interviewed many times before in many different settings, but this time the conversation felt different. Vera was engaging and truly excited about the opportunity to bring me on to her team, even for just one week out of the year. I thought, “This is a woman who truly loves what she does and values the people who do it with her.” No more affirmation was needed, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the inaugural VeryVera meeting for the 2017 Masters and meeting Vera for the first time.

2 years went by, affording me two more fast-paced and impressionable Masters experiences with Vera. I was granted the role of Event Lead upon returning to serve one of VERA’s largest accounts for the second time, and I remember feeling very proud when Emily delivered the news. During the weeks and days leading up to the event, I was excited to return to this type of work environment. The challenges associated with successfully running the event were nothing in the face of my value as a part of the VERA team.

My progression into a leadership role at VeryVera is a story that I am proud to tell. I have made self-discoveries and learned lessons that all have one thing in common: value. Something about my performance during Masters week 2019 told Vera to bring me on full time. Now, I have the opportunity to develop success tactics and learn entrepreneurship hands-on. Every day, the door opens to a new set of challenges, and every day, our team has a chance to overcome them. Vera and the work environment she provides instills drive in people of all ages. She willingly shares wisdom from her wealth of experience and I feel very fortunate to be a recipient. Ultimately, I know that in this role I will be the beneficiary of the most valuable thing of all: growth.

I am looking forward to growing in my position here at VeryVera and cannot wait to share even more in the coming months!