One of my personal and professional goals was met this season by having the Queen of Southern Cooking, Nathalie Dupree, join me on The VeryVera Show. From her charming personality, her continued passion for food and her gift as an educator, it was one of the most memorable days of filming. She filled the gaps in conversation during filming with tips that were so appropriate to the home cook. She laughed at herself with a miss-cue on a word and actually advised us to encourage the audience to DVR it! She is amazing.

Nathalie Dupree has shared so much with so many and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be guided and advised by such an inspirational woman. She truly is the Pioneer of Food TV, having no one to mimic in her early years in front of the camera. Her wisdom and ease are evident as seen here and she has followers and admirers both young and old. The key to success to me is sometimes measured in those that are successful because of your influence. There is quite a long list of interns and students of Nathalie’s that have risen to the top in cookbook writing, culinary careers and food-related professions. When she holds your hands, looks in your eyes, and says, “Listen to me,” you do.


Our entire crew feels very fortunate to have had a day with Nathalie. She took an interest in every member and was so willing to help and assist with all aspects of the day. Their next question will be, “When is she coming back?” Next time you see Nathalie, ask her what her secret word is for smiling in a picture. We all know!