As we all celebrate the beginning of a new year, one of my family traditions is particularly special to me. Life’s Little Instruction Calendar always finds its way under the tree, and my sons seem to continue this family tradition as well.


I am especially moved throughout the year as the daily “thoughts” seem to hit close to home or even speak directly to a situation that’s relative in my life. I hang on to a few, post one or two on the door at work, keep some in a special box that I flip through from time to time, and use some as scratch paper the day after they post. No matter what the use, it all seems important to me. These thoughts certainly don’t take the place of a daily devotional, but in their own little way, they lend a meaning to each day that has become part of my routine. There is a superstition that no matter what, you do NOT pull the day off until the next morning. There are some that have prompted topics for speeches, those that make you look in the mirror and think “good job,” and others that eerily make you think you have a friend that understands. No matter what the day, I don’t leave until I have read my calendar.

I hope you have traditions that you don’t want to lose. I hope you have set some goals for yourself and hope your core values are too long to list. The word for 2017 for me is “STRETCH.” I have many reasons why that’s important and it seemed appropriate for this year. I would love to know what your word would be if you could only pick one.

Heeeereeeee’s toooooooo GoooooooD Healllllllth and Happpineeeeessssss.