Ann Boardman was one of the first women I recognized in Augusta as a strong leader.  The importance of her trust in me, as she secured caterers as a volunteer for organizations or for her own private gatherings, basically launched my career.  She always said, “She’s not afraid of hard work.” 

As I began to learn more about her style, her attention to detail and her love of life and the people she held dear, I became “her student.”  I knew Ann had an eye for style and design by the way she dressed and the décor of her home.   She managed beautifully any task she was assigned as a volunteer and her standard was high if you served on her committee.  A party in her home had one main mission:  her guests were to be entertained with style and grace.  As I worked with Ann I began to realize the most important thing about her was she valued the people she worked beside.  She always went out of her way to help me.

My memories of her events include every detail being recognized.  The food could be beautiful, but she also wanted it to be absolutely delicious.  She loved, as do I, sterling silver and it had to be polished to show its true beauty.  She would make suggestions as almost a teaching moment.   Ann taught me how an old toothbrush could get into those crevices where the black tarnish just ruined a great shine.  And speaking of shining, she would make her way through the crowd with her beaming smile to make sure all of her guests were enjoying themselves but it was also to check on the status of our commitment to detail.  I loved her compliments so much!

And speaking of compliments, the letters I have received over the years have meant the world to me.  She never missed any write up in the paper, recognition of a beautifully catered event or a write up in a magazine.

Ann celebrates 89 years of age today, May 19th, and to this day, she’s one of the strongest women I have ever known.  I have always celebrated her and I have felt so honored that she trusted me in the beginning of my career and established my passion for my business with her friends and colleagues.  To this day, if you want respect and a “IT WILL GET DONE” attitude associated with your event, personally or professionally, having Ann on your team is a great idea.  It’s no wonder that for years and years, that’s been the underlying theme of my company and it also shows that age has no boundaries.  Character counts and for me, she’s truly at the top of the list.   The gallery below shows her award winning smile and her pride alongside her husband, children and grandchildren.  

Happy Birthday Ann!  May you continue to teach us all!!