Lindsey Brumlow is a former employee of VeryVera. Today, she’s sharing her experience of working for Vera out of college.

When I came to VeryVera, I was much like any other college graduate. I did not know what direction I wanted my life to take and worried endlessly that I would make the wrong decision. The day before I was set to meet with Vera Stewart, I was offered a job at another company.  My gut told me I needed to meet with Vera, so I put a hold on the job offer and drove to Augusta. During the interview, I was captivated by the ideas and stories she shared for her brand. I knew then that she was not just looking for an intern, she was looking for someone to help make her dreams a reality. I was instantly hooked and eager to be part of the change that she was making.

Soon enough, a 6-month internship quickly turned into a 2-year career that gave me more experience than most people receive in 10 years.  I wore many hats and was exposed to a variety of businesses and networking opportunities, all while learning and growing from Vera’s wealth of experience. Every day with the VeryVera team was a new lesson or opportunity to be seized. The culture that Vera has built around her team empowers its employees and renders endless possibilities. Every lesson learned in this environment prepared me for success in my future endeavors. Most importantly, my experience with VeryVera helped me to shape my self-awareness. From expanding my strengths to overcoming my weaknesses, this is where I truly learned how to be self-motivated, adaptive, and an effective leader.

Today, I am a Project Manager for The Home Depot’s In-Store Environment where I work with merchants and cross functional partners to develop and execute ideas in thousands of stores nation-wide. Just as I took the passion Vera had for her business to build her brand, here I am working for a company to do the same. In order to succeed, problem solving and communication skills are key, and both of which were the cornerstones to VeryVera’s learning environment. The leadership that Vera demonstrated during my time with her is the star model for what I hold myself and other managers to in my profession.

I would not trade one second of the time I spent at Very Vera. The passion and high standards that were instilled in me at VeryVera are a reminder of the person I strive to be every day. I learned how to grow and, most importantly, I learned how to be the best possible version of myself. If ever I am searching for guidance, I find myself thinking back to all the lessons learned and asking myself what Vera would do in my situation. Making the decision to choose VeryVera all those years ago steered me to exceed my goals and to continue to push the limits for my future.

Thank you VeryVera for building me up so I can never be torn down.