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24 Years!

Vera + Jones, 1991.
Vera + Jones, 1991.

Generally, the one feature people comment on and recall about me the most is my smile. Oddly enough, as a third grader, I didn’t like my smile—it was my biggest insecurity because my teeth were so big. Today, it’s hopefully what people remember most about me.

There are certainly things that make me smile quite a bit: our grandchildren and their successful parents, great friends, and of course, my husband. This picture was taken just a few days before we tied the knot. Though our appearances have changed—more gray hair and a few less strands—I am as happy this morning as I was that cold March morning 24 years ago today. My husband and I still love to cook, fish, and dance together along with watching our family grow. Jones can shoot his age on the golf course and is still the best date I ever had!

#BestDateEver #HappyAnniversary