Fig Flatbread

Flatbreads are a great host for almost any ingredient. I love the salty feta paired with sweet figs in this recipe. The arugula is refreshing and it also adds a nice “peppery” flavor.

Garlic Parmesan Stove-Top Popcorn

This savory stovetop popcorn is far better than the typical microwave popcorn. The nostalgia of popping popcorn will bring the whole family into the kitchen to enjoy this delicious treat!

Cheese Mold

This cheese mold is a must-have at your next event! This festive cheese mold features Bleu Cheese, perfectly molded into a pinecone.

Haystack/Spider Cookies

The only trick with this treat is the delicious combination of chocolate and pecans! Enjoy making these Haystack/Spider Cookies for the upcoming festive season or just as a sweet snack!