Seasons Remembered

WOW…hard to believe we are going into year 6 of The VeryVera Show. Small things really do matter: I still have the same apron I’ve been wearing since Day 1 […]

Referee Food Cards

Getting ready for the big game? Add these fun referee food cards to your buffet! There is a card for the Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cheesy Bacon Chips, Homemade Mozzarella Sticks, […]

VeryVera Jar Labels

Are you ready to make your own Pickled Okra and Black Mission Fig Preserves? Take your packaging to the next level with our very own jar labels! All you have to […]

A Summer Well Spent

Hi! I’m Caroline McCully, and I’m the Summer Marketing Intern for VeryVera. I’m a Communications major at the College of Charleston, where I just finished my freshman year. There’s something […]

Journey to VeryVera

It was Labor Day weekend of my sophomore year of high school. All my friends were heading up to the mountains for the weekend and I hopelessly begged my mom […]

Keeping it in the Family

Over 7 seasons, The VeryVera Show has seen many a partnership, ranging from large corporations like Hershey to entrepreneurs just striking out on a new venture. One thing I love […]

Vera’s Summer Reading List

It’s true–the arrival of the VeryVera Cookbook is closer than you think! While you wait, Vera has hand-picked a few of her all-time favorite cookbooks for you–call it your summer […]

Life’s Little Instructions

As we all celebrate the beginning of a new year, one of my family traditions is particularly special to me. Life’s Little Instruction Calendar always finds its way under the […]