Potential Realized

Hi again! My name is Victoria Kirby and last Spring I was the Culinary/Special Projects Intern for VeryVera. After those five months spent with the company, I moved back to […]

Come to the Table

“Come to the table.” How often did I hear those words growing up, and as a mother, how many times have I said those words to my own children? On […]

Of Potholes and Possibilities

Who would’ve ever thought VeryVera and Indianapolis would go hand-in-hand? We’re so excited that The VeryVera Show is taking off in Indianapolis on WISH-TV, and we’re equally excited that Park […]

VeryVera on Draper James

You know who Reese Witherspoon is, right? If you’re an American (especially a Southerner) between the ages of 0 and 100, you should’ve answered “yes” to that question. Well, I’m […]

Brotherly Love

This weekend we celebrated Ward Wingfield Stewart’s 1st birthday. Ward is Catherine’s maiden name and Wingfield is mine. I’ve had fun watching him grow this year alongside his brother, and […]