Hi! I’m Caroline McCully, and I’m the Summer Marketing Intern for VeryVera. I’m a Communications major at the College of Charleston, where I just finished my freshman year. There’s something about a college student home for the summer that just seems to say to people, “Ask me questions about my future!” Whether it’s my grandma, my neighbor, or an old family friend I haven’t seen in a while, everybody wants to know what my major is, what I want to be when I grow up, and of course the nebulous, “What are you doing this summer?”

I’ve repeated most of my answers so many times that they feel rehearsed. I have a major, and I know what I plan to do with it, but even the best laid plans are years away from happening. What really gives me confidence in my future, however far away, is explaining what I’m doing this summer. I’m the Summer Marketing Intern for VeryVera! VeryVera is such a household name in Augusta that I rarely have to say any more. Not only is the company well known for its quality of food, and more recently, on-screen food, it’s well known for its quality of business. When I say that I’m working at VeryVera, the response is almost always the same- “You must be learning so much there!”

I really am! An internship for a rising college sophomore usually means fetching lunch or someone’s laundry, but this summer I’ve been in direct contact with advertisers, assisted with cooking camp,  helped out on the set of the television show, learned how to edit the website, and been given considerable responsibility with the social media pages. I’ve learned more about professionalism, organization, and communication in two and a half months here than I learned in my entire freshman year of college! This internship isn’t just a way to pass the summer, or something to pad my resume. Working here has given me confidence that I can achieve my plans for the future, and I’m one step closer to doing it for having this experience.

When I tell people my major and my goals, I’m telling them what I hope to do someday. But when I tell them I’m working for VeryVera, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve spent this summer making those goals more and more of a reality.