I have longed for the day when I would be able to host the ultimate “Queen Granny V Tea” for my granddaughter, Lucy. How thrilled I was when her Mom asked if I would participate in this grand event for her 4th birthday and my wheels started turning.

This is where the young ideas and the old-fashioned traditions joined together to create a memorable and sentimental occasion that both the children and the adults truly enjoyed. It started with the precious evite that Mallory outfitted with names befitting each little princess and queen.  All were encouraged to dress in their best, and certainly Granny V took advantage of any opportunity to wear an old dress from her closet. Mallory provided the tiara from her childhood.  

The table was so much fun! Paper plates were the new twist, but nothing would do but to bring in several other generations. My grandmother, Vera, provided the champagne glasses that held the strawberry and lemonade cotton candy. As nervous as we may have been about breakage, not a single one was damaged. Most of these little ones had never had cotton candy! My mother’s Spode tea cups hosted the lemonade and the little girls were so grown up with their pinkies in the air.

Lucy was flanked by her two sisters, Jane and Frances, as she enjoyed her princess cake, and all of her friends enjoyed making tiaras and playing in the fairy garden. They left with a bag of treats tied with a special message that read, “You are the Fairy Best.” 

We’ll have to TOP this for next year….