Since this is the month of Thanksgiving, we want to express our gratitude for our show’s overall sponsor: Sub-Zero and Wolf. SubZero-Wolf became our sponsor at the beginning of Season 6 and told us they were going to fully outfit our studio kitchen with their appliances. The first day we filmed at the studio with our new appliances felt like Christmas morning!

In over a year since, we’ve had the opportunity to grow this valuable relationship with the “crème de la crème” of appliance companies. Our team had the chance to visit the gorgeous SubZero-Wolf Southeast showroom in Charlotte, NC for a course in using our new appliances. Chef Vinnie (two-time show alumnus) treated us to a spread of various treats made using several different showroom appliances.

Perhaps my favorite demonstration was when Vinnie placed a tray of ginger snap cookies into the M-Series oven, followed by a tray of bacon, onions, and other fragrant ingredients. He turned on the convection feature and assured me that the ginger snaps would only taste like ginger. He was right.

We’ve also had the pleasure of renovating our kitchen with brand new SubZero-Wolf appliances to make off-site filming an absolute breeze. Having these appliances in our kitchen this summer as we tested recipes for the VeryVera Cookbook was completely invaluable! We never had to worry that the oven was negatively affecting the outcome of any layer or pound cake. This took the guess work out of each day of recipe testing, which made the entire process much easier than it could have been. I even loved our Wolf oven so much that I put one in my home kitchen this summer!

Our team at the Charlotte showroom is constantly in touch to make sure that everything is going well with the appliances and seeing if we need anything. We’ve been fortunate enough to have their support with giveaways on the show and at our own events. So far, we’ve given away a Wolf blender, a Wolf counter top oven, and a set of Wolf cookware.

Thanks to Sub-Zero and Wolf for believing in our show, and we hope you’ll check them out next time you’re shopping for appliances!