Introducing our January Sponsor of the Month: Cambria! Cambria was started in 2000 when the Davis family, already successful in the dairy industry, got the opportunity to enter the quartz processing business. Since that time, the company has expanded its facilities and its collections to give you endless options when remodeling your kitchen.

We first became familiar with Cambria when filming an episode in a Southern Living-inspired home at Woodside in Aiken, SC. Our team could not get over the gorgeous marble countertops. Luckily, the decorator was in attendance and filled us in on Cambria and their beautiful and durable quartz countertops.


At the time, we were preparing to remodel our test kitchen at the VeryVera Cottage, and we knew we wanted Cambria countertops. We got connected with corporate by our new friends at Star Granite Interiors in Elberton, GA. After a few phone conversations, we were given the go-ahead on brand new quartz countertops and backsplash! We actually ended up going with the design “Brittanicca”, which is the countertop we fell in love with in the Southern Living home!

We truly love having Cambria in our kitchen. It’s gorgeous enough to feature in the show, on Vera’s Corner, and in The VeryVera Cookbook, and it’s durable enough that we don’t have to panic when spills happen. Thank you to Cambria for being a great partner. If you’re putting in new countertops soon, Cambria has our stamp of approval!

Pictures from The VeryVera Cookbook | Photo credit: Peter Frank Edwards