I am so honored to have been featured in IN HER SHOES this month. So many friends, business associates, former staff members and fans of The VeryVera Show have reached out and I have enjoyed catching up with old friends.

I’ve had a number of folks inquire about “my style.” I am honestly so flattered and thought it appropriate to share a little bit more about that day and what made this photo especially appealing to me.


Haircut – Robyn Kelley Trendz Salon in Augusta GA.

Robyn has been cutting my hair for over 9 years.  She knows my hair, my story and my heart about as well as anyone.

Q: How do you know you got a great haircut?

A:  You can style it well yourself!

Robyn Kelley and Dove visible glow

Skin Tone – Dove Visible Glow Fair to Medium

Q:  Have you been to the Beach?

A:  No, a friend introduced me to this amazing Dove lotion years ago. It was called Energy Glow when I first started using it, but then it was discontinued, and I would find it on Amazon. Came across this new name recently at the drugstore and was SO excited. I literally wear this from head to toe!

Make-Up – Merle Norman

The Store Owner at the Augusta Location worked for me when she was in High School and was the recipient of my Scholarship when she graduated. So proud of her!

Q:  What is your favorite Merle Norman product?

A:  Mascara Primer—I thought I had long eyelashes until I started using this. Game Changer!

Merle Norman and Vera's wardrobe

Dress – Tuckernuck Antelope Royal Shirt Dress

The style of this dress is so flattering and it comes in so many colors and designs. I am obsessed with the Antelope and honestly, didn’t have to do a thing to it. Size XS.

Q:  How is the customer service ordering on-line?

A:  Amazing and the sizing is so right that I generally keep what I order.

Earrings Betsy Pritchard

I love a statement earring and Betsy definitely keeps me hooked up! I loved these round discs the minute I saw them, even before I had the dress by Tuckernuck. It was meant to be. Very reasonably priced, too.

Q:  Are big earrings heavy?

A:  I love big, so I go lightweight with the material. Betsy has great BIG plastic backs, so they stay in place well and are supported on my ear.

Bracelets – CURRIE

Currie Boyd is not just a great jeweler, she’s a great daughter! She has amazing style that continues to stand the test of time or be bold and unforgettable. I love all of her dainty pearl bracelets.

Q:  Is it too late to get my wife, mother, grandmother, godmother a bracelet or other piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day?

A:  Absolutely NOT! Make a choice yourself or send a Gift Certificate if you’re unsure

RINGS – Crown Jewelers Joel Conte

Is a dear friend and a Master Gemologist and remembers his customers like a great poker player remembers his cards.  Want something unique?  He’s the MAN!

Q:  Can Crown Jewelers do jewelry appraisal?

A:  Yes, most definitely, and I highly recommend having that done. You never know when you may need it…..the insurance is no good without it.

SHOES – Shoes at Surrey and Shoes on King

ShoeThere is nothing like a great nude pump….keeps the focus on the dress and the overall look. I have always leaned in on not going “statement” on shoes. These are my all-time favorites.

Q:  If you like statement, is that where I should shop?

A:  Absolutely…. they have an unbelievable inventory, and the customer service is over the top. Spend the day kind of feeling to shopping there.

Personal Training

Corey Taylor has been personally training me for now into our 10th year together.  He keeps me committed, focused, and without a doubt challenged. As the article said, some ladies dye their hair. I pay for a personal trainer.

Q:  What do you have to have in order for your personal trainer to train in your home?

A:  In our case, it’s about 10 ‘x 10’ of space in my living room. He has mastered mimicking machinery with the way and the motion in which we do the exercises. No one can believe that I don’t have expensive equipment.

Corey Taylor & Peter Frank Edwards

Photography – Peter Frank Edwards @pfephoto

He worked with me on the cookbook and we’ve become great friends. I was so thrilled when Southern Living chose him to work with me for this photography.

Q: How do you stay relaxed when there’s a camera in your face?

A: Work with a photographer that is willing to get to know you in order to capture your personality.