Week 1 of VeryVera Cooking Camp 2016 was a success! Our team had the greatest time with our youngest campers of the summer, walking them through simple recipes and laying the groundwork for many years of culinary exploration. While each of our team members form a connection with each camper throughout the week, it’s tradition for us to choose two exceptional students in particular to honor at our end-of-the-week banquet.

Our Culinary Camper of the Week is a student who truly excels in the kitchen, taking an extra interest and asking good questions. This year’s Pre-Beginner Culinary Camper of the Week is Wick Medlin. Wick was respectful and kind in every situation, and he was always willing and eager to jump in and help in the kitchen. Wick is 6 years old and the son of Ashlee Medlin and Chad Medlin.


Our Camper of the Week award was presented to Lola Kirksey. Lola was one of our quieter campers, but her excitement and ever-present curiosity stood out to each of the counselors. She listened intently to every word that was said and immersed herself in each activity she was presented. It was a pleasure to name her our Camper of the Week. Lola is 7 years old and the daughter of Bunja Rungruang and Chip Kirksey.