Week 5 of VeryVera Cooking Camp was a repeat of our Beginner class, but with 24 fresh new faces! This 8-10-year-old class is so popular that we offer two every summer. While most of the recipes and crafts were the same this week, personalities certainly were not. Our July Beginner class added their own flare to our “That’s Amore!” theme.

At our end-of-the-week banquet, we hand out certificates to each student in attendance. In addition, we hand out two awards of special recognition: our Camper of the Week and Culinary Camper of the Week Awards.

Our 2016 July Beginner Culinary Camper of the Week was Thomas Evatt. Thomas couldn’t wait to get into the kitchen every day. While enthusiastic, he was always respectful and followed directions well. On Thursday afternoon, Thomas stayed after camp to make the lace cookies that adorned the plated dessert at Friday’s banquet. Thomas is 7 years old and is the son of Alice and Curt Evatt.


Our 2016 July Beginner Camper of the Week was Emily Pugh. Emily put forth all the same qualities that won her sister, Claire, the title of Camper of the Week in 2015. Always smiling, Emily was kind and courteous to everyone she encountered and worked diligently on every task she was assigned. Emily is 8 years old and is the daughter of Holly and Doug Pugh.













Congratulations, Thomas and Emily!