October Advertiser of the Month

My Advertiser of the Month is a real GEM–Crown Jewelers in Augusta, GA!

Crown Jewelers has been a loyal advertiser during The VeryVera Show for several years and has become one of the southeast’s leading wedding and engagement ring stores. The owner and president of Crown Jewelers, Joel Conte, has over 49 years experience in the manufacturing and retail jewelry business. 

Joel’s business philosophy is, “Royal treatment makes loyal customers.” Step into Crown Jewelers to experience this philosophy in action and to browse their impressive collection of antique and contemporary jewelry, heirloom gifts, and baby and wedding gifts.

Services provided by Crown Jewelers include jewelry and watch repairs, appraisals, custom designs, and more! Check out their website for more information!


Seasons Remembered

WOW…hard to believe we are going into year 6 of The VeryVera Show. Small things really do matter:

  • I still have the same apron I’ve been wearing since Day 1 and it looks great! (HINT – I don’t put it in the dryer and I iron it, too)
  • I have quit with the fake eyelashes, but I try to eat more carrots!
  • I still say, “No matter what you do, do it in good taste” when I close the show each week

In looking back over the last 5 years, these would be my favorite moments from each Season:

EPISODE 1 of Season 1 with Ann Boardman.  Truly, she is one of my all-time favorite people, huge supporter of any project I have ever tackled and has been a cheerleader to me along the way.  We did a recipe I made for years for her when she entertained, Deviled Shrimp.

EPISODE 18 of Season 2 with my granddaughter Bentley Boyd from Mt. Pleasant. Her birthday is on the 28th of October, so we did a Halloween-themed show complete with darkness, scary noises, and dry ice. She dressed in her 50’s Halloween costume.

EPISODE 9 of Season 3 I did a trio of pies. I had so many people comment on that episode as I think folks just LOVE pies, in general. The recipes were great and my comfort level showed in my performance.

EPISODE 8 of Season 4 was all of my younger grandchildren in the Fairy Garden all dressed up and we did a tea party. At the time, there were 3 and now there are 5. Do I hear Sequel??

EPISODE 28 of Season 5 brought my niece, Anna Beck Chapman, in from Nashville to showcase her ABC Bakery cookie business and talk about her new baby that would be coming soon. Our chemistry was over the top, and it brought back memories of her visits in the summer as a child to my VeryVera Bakery.

Season 6 will introduce lots of new guests, a NEW style for Vera’s Corner, a NEW introductory segment giving an overall view of the show before we get started, and finally LOTS of great give-a-ways as well as NEW markets where the show will air!

I’m glad to be back and can’t wait to bring some new recipes and energy to the kitchen.

September Advertiser of the Month

Jeff Faircloth and wife Ruthie post in Jeff’s Sewing and Vacuum

We’re excited to announce Jeff’s Sewing and Vacuum in Augusta, GA as our September Advertiser of the Month! Jeff’s has been on board with the VeryVera Show since Season 5, and we’re proud to have an Augusta staple supporting our show.

Jeff’s Sewing and Vacuum is locally owned and operated, and they’re all about service! Anyone can sell you a sewing machine, but Jeff’s Sewing and Vacuum sticks around to help when things aren’t going right. The store offers sewing machines, fabric, and sewing/quilting classes, along with Miele vacuums.

Owner Jeff Faircloth’s Christian faith is the heart behind the company’s renowned customer service. Take it from their customers:

“The BEST sewing and quilting shop in Augusta!!! Great, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly

“Friendliest staff, very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile!”

“We drove from Greenwood to have my machine serviced and he did it in an hour!! Nice friendly, efficient staff. This is my kind of place!”

Augusta and Aiken fans, be on the lookout for details on an event with The VeryVera Show and Jeff’s Sewing and Vacuum coming up before the end of the year!

Referee Food Cards

Getting ready for the big game? Add these fun referee food cards to your buffet! There is a card for the Buffalo Chicken Dip, Cheesy Bacon Chips, Homemade Mozzarella Sticks, as well as a blank one so you can write in your favorite recipe. All you have to do is download one of the documents below (in Word Document or PDF form), print the file on cardstock, cut them out, and place them on your table using a card holder. Happy Game Day!

VeryVera Jar Labels

Are you ready to make your own Pickled Okra and Black Mission Fig Preserves? Take your packaging to the next level with our very own jar labels! All you have to do is download one of the documents below (in Word Document or PDF form), print the file on some printable sticker paper , cut out, and you’re ready to go! Each label fits perfectly on a standard-sized jar lid. Happy canning!


Jar Labels

Word Document

Jar Labels

PDF Version

New Kitchen for a New Season

During Season 6 of The VeryVera Show, you might notice a new location being filmed: my brand new test kitchen! Back in April, the VeryVera Cottage underwent a total kitchen renovation. Starting with an outdated, family-sized kitchen, we were on a mission to make the best VeryVera test kitchen possible. We started by tearing down the wall to our craft room and to create one large kitchen space. We now have the room we need for recipe testing, camps, and our upcoming Chef Series (more on that coming out later)!


The first hero on the project was Mitchell Florence and his guys at Madison’s Millwork and Coating Specialists, who custom-built all of the cabinetry and the prep tables. Madison’s Millwork gave us the structure of our beautiful new kitchen and provided us with enough storage for all of our kitchen necessities. To be able to film in the new space, we needed to update the lighting in the kitchen. After running into a few renovation hiccups (as is expected), we were able to add in recessed can lighting as well as great under-the-cabinet lighting to make a bright and energizing space in which to cook. With the biggest issues behind us, we continued. We decided to go with laminate hardwood floors throughout the entire kitchen. With so many children coming through the kitchen during Camp, we thought this would be the most practical and durable decision.


Cabinets, done. Electric, done. Floors, done. Now it was time for the fun stuff: counter tops and appliances! When filming the Easter-themed episode from the Southern Living-inspired home in Woodside, we took note of the gorgeous marble counter tops and asked who provided them. The answer was Cambria, and that they were actually quartz. Quartz is durable, cost effective, and, best of all, beautiful. Our friends at Star Granite put us in contact with Cambria to have their “Britannica” counter tops put into our new kitchen, and we were blown away at the result! Made to look like marble, you wish you could wear it as a dress! We chose to use the quartz as our back splash as well for a continuous, luxurious feel. We could not be happier with our counter top and back splash.

Finally, the other stars of the show could make their grand entrance. Our overall show sponsor, Sub-Zero and Wolf, outfitted our new test kitchen with M-Series built-in double ovens, a warming drawer, a built-in drawer microwave, an induction stovetop, an ice machine, an Asko dishwasher, and a French door refrigerator. We could not be more excited to share our new space on this season of the show!


Thank you to all of our test kitchen sponsors: Madison’s Millwork, Star Granite Interiors, Cambria Quartz, and Sub-Zero and Wolf! Be sure to tune in for Season 6!

–Rachel Schifter, Associate Producer of The VeryVera Show

August Advertiser of the Month

This month is all about our most stylish advertiser- Amelia Myers Interior Design! Amelia Myers is a fantastic interior designer who studied at the University of Georgia and now works out of Camden, SC. We are so proud to be able to work with her! She has been with the show since we began airing on WCBD in September of 2016, and she’s even joined me for a cooking demonstration in Charleston, where she expertly demonstrated setting a holiday table.

  Be sure to check out her new website. The photos of her work are swoon-worthy. We know you’ll love her rustic, clean style as much as we do!



July Advertiser of the Month

It’s time to announce my July Advertiser of the Month! I love a good farmers market, and it just so happens that Good Earth Produce and Garden Center in Augusta is better than good- it’s great! One of the things I love most about Good Earth is their commitment to staying local: they buy and sell locally, hire local people, and support local business. They’re even one of our sponsors for this year’s VeryVera Cooking Camp!

Big things are in the works for this partnership! This Christmas, look forward to a very special Good Earth episode during Season 6 of the VeryVera Show, and keep an eye out for their commercial. Remember to keep Good Earth in mind as the seasons change, as well. They carry seasonal plants, produce, and even Christmas trees!

I highly recommend a visit to my favorite farmers market, and I’m grateful to be able to work with them!






A Summer Well Spent

Hi! I’m Caroline McCully, and I’m the Summer Marketing Intern for VeryVera. I’m a Communications major at the College of Charleston, where I just finished my freshman year. There’s something about a college student home for the summer that just seems to say to people, “Ask me questions about my future!” Whether it’s my grandma, my neighbor, or an old family friend I haven’t seen in a while, everybody wants to know what my major is, what I want to be when I grow up, and of course the nebulous, “What are you doing this summer?”

I’ve repeated most of my answers so many times that they feel rehearsed. I have a major, and I know what I plan to do with it, but even the best laid plans are years away from happening. What really gives me confidence in my future, however far away, is explaining  what I’m doing this summer. I’m the Summer Marketing Intern for VeryVera! VeryVera is such a household name in Augusta that I rarely have to say any more. Not only is the company well known for its quality of food, and more recently, on-screen food, it’s well known for its quality of business. When I say that I’m working at VeryVera, the response is almost always the same- “You must be learning so much there!”

I really am! An internship for a rising college sophomore usually means fetching lunch or someone’s laundry, but this summer I’ve been in direct contact with advertisers, assisted with cooking camp,  helped out on the set of the television show, learned how to edit the website, and been given considerable responsibility with the social media pages. I’ve learned more about professionalism, organization, and communication in two and a half months here than I learned in my entire freshman year of college! This internship isn’t just a way to pass the summer, or something to pad my resume. Working here has given me confidence that I can achieve my plans for the future, and I’m one step closer to doing it for having this experience.

When I tell people my major and my goals, I’m telling them what I hope to do someday. But when I tell them I’m working for VeryVera, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve spent this summer making those goals more and more of a reality.


You are the FAIRY best!

I have longed for the day when I would be able to host the ultimate “Queen Granny V Tea” for my granddaughter, Lucy. How thrilled I was when her Mom asked if I would participate in this grand event for her 4th birthday and my wheels started turning.

This is where the young ideas and the old-fashioned traditions joined together to create a memorable and sentimental occasion that both the children and the adults truly enjoyed. It started with the precious evite that Mallory outfitted with names befitting each little princess and queen.  All were encouraged to dress in their best, and certainly Granny V took advantage of any opportunity to wear an old dress from her closet. Mallory provided the tiara from her childhood.  

The table was so much fun! Paper plates were the new twist, but nothing would do but to bring in several other generations. My grandmother, Vera, provided the champagne glasses that held the strawberry and lemonade cotton candy. As nervous as we may have been about breakage, not a single one was damaged. Most of these little ones had never had cotton candy! My mother’s Spode tea cups hosted the lemonade and the little girls were so grown up with their pinkies in the air.

Lucy was flanked by her two sisters, Jane and Frances, as she enjoyed her princess cake, and all of her friends enjoyed making tiaras and playing in the fairy garden. They left with a bag of treats tied with a special message that read, “You are the Fairy Best.” 

We’ll have to TOP this for next year….